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Exclusive Accommodation Solutions

WWGSA is a nationwide home stay & accommodation solution company.

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World Wide Gold Star Academics, LLC (WWGSA) remains on the cutting edge of advancement, by helping international and domestic students achieve academic excellence, through custom-designed training programs, identifying specific needs and developing new programs.

World Wide Gold Star Accommodations, a division of WWGSA, is the only nationwide company offering custom-designed home stay and accommodation solutions for prospective students, agencies, corporations and travelers.

Home Stay Applicants

WWGSA welcomes you to open your home to a student attending middle school, high school or university.

Student Applicants

Contact WWGSA to learn more about the housing options available throughout the United States and enjoy your “home away from home” experience.


WWGSA focuses on solution-oriented results by supporting the needs of any student, international or domestic, school administration and home stay participants

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