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Halloween Tales:

The school year had begun with fun and excitement, new experiences, home sick feelings and apprehension of the unknown…from both us and the girls! But, as par for the course, life and time goes on and everything started settling into place. The girls were adjusting to their new found “sisterhood”, which incorporated the positive AND negative of sibling love/hate relationships. As the weather cooled off, the leaves had burst into their brilliant colors and the chill in the air brought forth the excitement of what was to come…HALLOWEEN!

Our daughter enjoyed the dressing up and wandering through the neighborhood with her friends, but at 14, she was contemplating Halloween parties at friends’ homes rather than the act of trick-or-treating. However, her new sisters had never been privy to the Halloween experience, so she graciously volunteered to take them around the neighborhood. We all went to watch the girls experience the holiday for the first time and oh, what a joy it was to see them laugh and giggle at all the generous gifts of sweets from the neighbors.

Upon completion of the trick-or-treating, as promised, we allowed our daughter to go to her friend’s house for a gathering. Much to our surprise, our daughter asked the girls to join her and meet her friends. This was yet another moment, in our short time with the girls, that we realized three “only children” from their previous lives, had become sisters at heart.

Stay tuned next week for Let the Holidays Begin…a Thanksgiving to remember.

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