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We’re replanting the seeds.

Students studying away from home have been a part of this country for hundreds of years. Educator John P. McLeod makes a stunning statement that sums up the grass roots of the WWGSA Housing philosophy:

“The first academy to enroll students from both nearby and distant locations opened in 1763, more than a century before the public school movement began in America. Students were generally housed with faculty masters or townspeople who would take in boarders. Thus, the earliest academies were without dormitories as we know them today. Further, the sense of in loco parentis (in place of a parent) was embraced by the host teacher or host family, rather than the school itself.”

Through modern technology and ease of travel, children are exploring the options available to them in studies around the world. WWGSA Housing Support Services in the USA are second to none when providing arrangements for foreign and domestic students studying away from home. Whether modern 2015 or historic 1763, two common denominators are still the same, the need to provide caring and supportive environments for our children when away from home, while nourishing their minds with a solid education.

Students who are adapting to a new country, language, way of life and living are often more vulnerable and require caring organizations dedicated to their immersion and overall adaptation to their new surroundings and environment. WWGSA was founded to support these students and we invite all who are touched by this philosophy to join in and become one of the homes that make a difference in children’s futures.

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