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When my wife, Sharon started on her mission to help children, I supported her wholeheartedly. She’s always had a way with children and I saw this as yet another opportunity to share her patience and love with another child. Eight years later, she has blessed our home with dozens of students, many who have become like our own sons and daughters.

One thing I never expected was to have become so connected to the children. I found myself often in the position of the being the first man to teach the boys how to do yardwork, use a hammer, run a snow blower and even how to take out the trash. It wasn’t easy, as most had no experience, but we all collaborated to overcome the challenges and find common ground.

The girls were surely a surprise, too. It was such a joy to come home from work to find them helping in the kitchen with dinner or during the holidays, baking with my wife. In 2011, we had an incredibly unexpected and debilitating snowstorm. The children and my wife kept the house running for nine days while we were without power, and it was such an amazing sight to see them all pull together to boil water, cook meals, keep the fire burning and the house running.

Whether young ladies or young men, the experiences over the past years will forever remain memories. The WWGSA program is not just a business, it’s an experience…one I’d not change for anything.

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