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whensunsalignIn August 2007, our family of three sat eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new “daughters.” After 14 years, our own daughter was going to have not one, but TWO sisters! Of course, our nerves were bouncing off the charts, but we were as ready as possible! At that moment, it wasn’t about the monthly stipend for their care, no it had come to mean so much more, the incredible opportunity to share our lives with two young ladies, just 12 and 13-years old.

Sure, we often wondered, “how can their mothers send their daughters halfway around the world”? Our daughter was 14, and we could not DREAM of doing the same. Even though we did not understand, we were still willing and able to open our hearts and our home to these young ladies.

Upon their arrival, we were all laughs and smiles. It was an amazing experience! They began school, were received with warm welcomes, and the year had begun. The girls had never seen such vibrant colors in fall leaves. They had also never picked up a rake in their lives. Oh, that was quite a time! At one point, the girls actually told their mothers we’d only brought them to our home to be WORKERS! The horror of that situation! Then fortunately, they did realize all children in America (well most in New England anyway) helped with “yardwork” and they had not been brought here as laborers (funny now, but truly not funny then)!!

Our lives were so blessed when the “SUNS ALIGNED” (one girl was named Sunny and the other Hye Sun) so they became the “Sun Sun” sisters, although they were not related. After the leaves had fallen and the weather turned colder, they could not wait to enjoy the upcoming Halloween festivities!

Join us next week for the Halloween tales…and more stories from the real parenting frontline of learning to love and care for our two new daughters. These experiences are the reason we do what we do, and why we started this organization in the first place.

And yes, we will share more on our inception later. We’ve only just scratched the surface of the impending joy, heart and celebration our students have brought to us.

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