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Children from around the world study in the USA. Often arriving scared, uncertain, longing for acceptance, yet mesmerized by what lies ahead of them and willing to take on the challenges. Youthful aspirations are rapidly transformed into fear of the unknown. However, throughout it all, the students are merely young explorers seeking a new and exciting way of life to better their futures.

“I love it here you are all so nice to me.”
“You are the best American Mom & Dad I could ever ask for.”
“I love my sister I’m so happy to have had this opportunity.”
“I don’t know how I ever would have graduated if it wasn’t for your love and support.”
“I will miss you…wish I didn’t have to leave…can’t wait to come see you again.”

Host parents, whether a couple, single mom or dad, empty nesters, or young couples, have all enjoyed the benefits of “raising” children for months and even years with the WWGSA Housing Program. The lasting bonds and memories are priceless, the monetary compensation beneficial, yet in the end, one thing remains true…the bonds will last a lifetime.

“I never thought I’d say this, but he is like the son I never had.”
“I’ve enjoyed this experience immensely, can we do it again next year?”
“Our daughter will graduate this year, we will be so lost without her, she is a member of our family.”

We welcome you to share in this amazing experience over the upcoming holidays. Share your home, holiday joy, family and activities with a student who just might not know true holiday spirit.

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