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WWGSA began as a labor of love to develop a supportive network for international students studying in USA high schools. Since its inception, it has expanded into an organization possessing an unparalleled nationwide web of Home Stay, Temporary Residences and Emergency Solution Programs.

“Together we can transform student’s dreams into reality”. This hallmark phrase has governed WWGSA through many successful revolutions, and will continue into the future.

In 2007, the founder of WWGSA, welcomed two international students into her home. She thought her daughter (14 at the time) would enjoy having sisters since she was an only child. Throughout the first year, she realized that there was a drastic need in the country for more home stay families that would be willing to share their homes with these children. While studying away from home, these children were acclimating to a different culture, academic system and learning how to become independent minded. In 2009, she co-founded a start-up home stay and recruiting agency. Over the next two years, her experiences as a home stay family enabled her to identify the needs of the students while they study in the USA. In response, she developed numerous programs to address the diverse challenges that faced home stay families, students, schools, agents and parents.

After traveling abroad, working with dozens of schools and agents, hundreds of host families and students, she knew there was a way to streamline the support system. She began reaching out to boarding schools, private day schools, agents, students and parents for data that would help achieve her agenda. Upon compiling this data, in 2011, she followed her instincts and visions, resigned her position with the organization she founded in 2009, and started WWGSA.

Today, WWGSA is the only nationwide company offering custom-designed solutions that meet the needs of international and domestic students, boarding and day schools, middle, high school and university students, agents and parents. Whether a student faces challenges like academic immersion, home stay immersion, expulsion from school, home stay and school procurement, WWGSA has the ability to streamline and expedite resolutions.

WWGSA has grown throughout the USA and broken down barriers that once were unchartered territories. WWGSA has developed relationships with corporate clients, EB-5 organizations and international and domestic student placement. WWGSA is dedicated to providing incredible experiences to home stay families and developing a nationwide network of vetted accommodations for students and travelers of all ages.