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World Wide Gold Star Academics, LLC (WWGSA), began as a labor of love to develop a supportive network for international students studying in America, and has since expanded into an organization possessing an unparalleled nationwide web of accommodations and academic excellence solutions: World Wide Gold Star Accommodations (operated under WWGSA).

“Together we can transform student’s dreams into reality,” the hallmark phrase governing this young company, would see WWGSA through many successful revolutions and carry it forward into the future.

The vision of WWGSA started simply enough in 2007, when Sharon Hoekstra welcomed an international student into her family as a home stay mom. Fueled by a gripping passion to ensure the increasing number of students studying in the US had a safe and enriching experience as they acclimated to a different culture, she explored what she could do to further contribute. In 2009, her soul searching led her to co-found a start up home stay and recruiting organization, which continues to run successfully to this day. For the next two years, Sharon continued to work at her passion of helping students remain safe and cared for under her own roof. Her experiences allowed her to identify the true needs of this unique industry. In response, she developed a series of programs to serve virtually any client. From home stay to agents to parents of international and domestic students to school admissions counselors, Sharon knew there had to be a streamlined system of support. After traveling abroad, working with dozens of schools and agents and hundreds of host families and students, one common factor remained. Student support systems in the US needed exclusive attention for successful programs to exist.

In 2011, Sharon followed her natural instincts and founded WWGSA. With origins in academics, WWGSA’s programs have remained at the forefront of the changing trends in education. WWGSA has been integral in strengthening pride in communities supporting foreign and domestic students and now…recreational, educational and corporate travelers seeking exclusive housing accommodations. WWGSA has become the only nationwide company offering custom-designed solutions to meet any home stay or accommodations’ needs. WWGSA is your home stay and accommodations expert, a company founded with true intention and purpose, and one that continues to grow in distinction in order to serve you.

 “WWGSA is your nationwide home stay and accommodation solution company.”


SM022216 Sharon Hoekstra, CEO/Founder WWGSA, has welcomed dozens of students to her home and hundreds to her programs since 2007. By closely cooperating with universities, middle and high schools, she has been a pioneer, paving the path for new and innovative solutions for the growing housing needs throughout the USA. In 2016, in conjunction with the already successful housing program for students, she developed recreational and corporate traveler programs in response to the unmet needs she had observed in the marketplace. As the founder of WWGSA, Sharon has launched the subsidiary program World Wide Gold Star Accommodations, geared to providing programs that meet the needs of any client seeking a “home away from home” experience. She remains dedicated to providing safe and comfortable accommodations, in a home stay environment, for students and travelers, and servicing the needs of her global clients and cooperatives.

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