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WWGSA Training Programs

favorite_starWWGSA Students concentrate on impeccable academic standards to achieve their dream of attending top windowofopportunitykidslargeUniversities in the United States.

favorite_starWWGSA Academic Training Program works in cooperation with their current studies to expedite the learning curve, assist with cultural learning differences and instill greater confidence.

The WWGSA Difference

favorite_starAcademic Trainers have a full understanding of the American education system and expectations

favorite_starPackages designed to focus on the specific needs of each student

favorite_starOne-on-one training rather than “group” programs

favorite_starTrainers work in cooperation with schools, WWGSA staff and host families to formulate a schedule

favorite_starSchedules are flexible and work with the students after school and family activities

favorite_starEvening and weekend training right from the comfort of the students home. No travel required

WWGSA Advantage

An A plus is given to a student for great work being achieved.

An A plus is given to a student for great work being achieved.

favorite_starPersonalized flexible schedules

favorite_starCustomized training for specific needs

favorite_starIn home training for convenience

favorite_starTOEFL, PSAT and SAT training

favorite_starAcademic recovery courses if student is struggling in a specific class in school

favorite_starAP course and exam assistance

favorite_starTeam of professionals focusing on your child’s future