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Welcome to WWGSA, your #1 resource focusing exclusively on accommodation needs for students studying in the USA. WWGSA is the only company in the USA that offers the extensive diversity of home stay support services, to international and domestic agents, for students of all ages.

Agents: You can earn up to $2,500 in commission

WWGSA Services

Below is a listing of services WWGSA offers agents. If you do not see an exact service you are seeking, please feel free to submit request and a representative will contact you directly.


  • Home stay placement for middle & high school students
  • Home stay placement for university and college students
  • Home stay placement for ESL and post graduate students
  • Home stay solutions for vacations and school breaks
  • Home stay solutions for day school & boarding school
  • Home stay services and event coordination for Tour groups 

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  • Emergency housing intervention
  • Emergency home stay placement
  • Home stay relocation services
  • Interim short-term housing
  • Cooperation with local agents