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Because we are an accommodation solutions company, we can offer agents more. And now WWGSA can offer nationwide housing resolutions for agents and students!

  • Month-by-month contracts are available
  • Long and short-term home stay placements available
  • We custom-design a cooperative plan with agents to fit any existing contracts with your students
  • We offer emergency placement for urgent home stay needs, regardless of the situation
  • WWGSA’s exclusive 30/60/90 IMPACT, an intervention program offering specific support during the 30, 60 and 90 days in the student’s and family’s immersion process is in the process of being patented! The results are that impressive and we are happy to share them with agents and their students to help them achieve long-standing successful relationships.
  • Local representatives monitor all aspects of student home stays
  • Prescreened families and attention to detail given to students’ placements in schools and families
  • Streamlined communication process between all parties
  • Confidentiality and cooperation with agents protects the integrity of agents’ programs


WWGSA One Year Guardianship Cooperative Program

  •  WWGSA academic monitoring and guidance
  •  Full-time local support services
  • Monthly reports and follow ups with agents on student progress
  •  WWGSA community meetings and support services for students
  • Excellent student retention rate for multiple year students
  • Multi-year discounts for students
  • Multi-student discounts for agents
  • WWGSA Hosting Program

WWGSA Housing Participant ONLY Program (support services not included):

  • WWGSA provides Housing Participant ONLY to any cooperatives needing housing
  • Placement fee paid per student with no additional fees.
  • Agent is required to monitor and pay hosting fees to the host families directly.
  • Hosting fees negotiated with each host family by the independent agents (based on fair market value)
  • WWGSA monitors housing participant throughout the year to assist with challenges.

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