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Middle & High School Administration Benefits

The Benefit of Cooperation

The international students studying in USA middle and high schools continues to rise, as does the number of agents representing the students. The founder of WWGSA has been an integral part of the growth stream and evolution of the programs since 2007. As your program evolves at your school, adding WWGSA to your team brings strength, consistency and in-depth knowledge of how to create unity amongst diverse platforms.

Cooperation with WWGSA adds these benefits to your Administrative team:

  • Nine years of cooperation with schools, agents, parents and home stay families
  • Exclusive 30/60/90 IMPACT home stay immersion and development program
  • Exclusive network of home stay families and cultivation methods
  • Trend setting policies and procedures developed by WWGSA founder and still utilized in school, diocese and agencies to this day
  • Dedicated staff to tend to your specific and customized needs