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Cooperative Programs

WWGSA Cooperative Programs allows you to mix and match the services that best meet the needs of your school. Choose one or all options, the benefits to administration are endless!

  • WWGSA’s experience developing, implementing and expediting the international student application process helps you by:
    • Streamlining your applications from a variety of sources, enabling your process to be organized and specific to your needs
    • Ensuring all required documentation has been submitted with application
    • Expediting important communications and documentation by letting WWGSA full-time staff communicate with foreign countries while you sleep
  • Exclusive 30/60/90 IMPACT
    • Nine-year proven method of home stay immersion and development program
    • One home stay program, one method, easily integrated into any existing agents or school programs
    • Cooperate with your school to create a centralized home stay system within the community of your parents and surrounding towns
    • Reinforce the unified expectations between home stays, schools, students, agents and the student’s parents
    • Encourage home stays that are committed to remaining involved with the student’s activities at school, just like natural parents. This provides a wholesome experience for everyone involved
    • Exclusive WWGSA Intervention Program, implement the program school-wide, creating a unified system of expectation