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Since 2004, Sharon Hoekstra, Founder of WWGSA, has supported the corporate initiative of developing cross-cultural competence in an effort to remain viable and relevant in today’s global marketplace.

WWGSA Corporate Accommodation Program has been developed to support the growing needs within the outsourcing marketplace. In efforts to sustain quality in outsourced personnel, corporations often train large and small groups of outsourced personnel on site in the USA. WWGSA maintains, although cultural immersion practices are taught within the corporate office place, both workplace and the accommodations selected while in the USA will result in a more in depth cultural comprehension.

WWGSA Corporate Accommodation Program guarantees affordable, safe, comfortable environment, opportunity to meet locals and immerse into the culture, thus easing your personnel’s mind while providing a more enriching experience.

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  • Business Professionals
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The following application is for individual home stay needs. If you would like to sign up for the WWGSA Network please “Receive Information Packet” and request information. If you are already a member, please contact your representative at 1-888-472-1918 or email corporatesupport@wwgsa.com.
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