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Home Stay, Temporary Residence
& Emergency Housing Solutions


Where diverse challenges are transformed into victorious success stories!

Studying abroad or away from home is an incredible experience and opportunity for thousands of students every year. While transitioning to their new lifestyle, a heightened sense of freedom or sudden overwhelming sense of loneliness may lead to some students encountering challenges. This is when schools, agents and parents turn to WWGSA to seek alternative safe and swift resolutions to alleviate the challenges prior to them escalating.

 Off Campus Solutions:

Resources available for off campus needs of schools, agents and student’s families. Some of the following challenges can be difficult and offering individualized attention in an environment with large numbers can pose a challenge.


  • Uncontrollable home sickness
  • Beginning signs of depression
  • Over exaggerated display of aggression
  • Suspension housing
  • Housing for sick students as an alternative to hospital
  • Weekend off-campus housing if student needs alternative supervision
  • Intermediary host family services
  • Expulsion support and relocation services
  • All services available to domestic and international students

Results that make a difference:

Since 2007, WWGSA Intermediary Services have a proven track record of offering alternative solutions to schools, agents and families. Students who have benefited from the program have experienced:


  • Returning to regular lifestyle at their school or homestay
  • Comfortable home environment when sick
  • Intermediary guidance and support while suspended or home sick
  • Successful relocation, when required, with smooth precision and cooperation
  • Work with school or professional counselors to help student adapt/adjust
  • Emergency placement for school or agency leading to long-term success and adaptation
  • I-20 complications or terminations have been reinstated with no prejudice