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Extension of your staff

WWGSA can be an extension of your current international student staff at middle and high schools. With the years of experience assisting all aspects of the onboarding and accommodation needs of students, WWGSA knows what it takes to get the job done.

Already work with one or more agent? No problem.

  • WWGSA can help you streamline your international student accommodation progam, without disturbing the relationships you currently have with your agents.
  • WWGSA cooperates with agents by providing accommodations for students without disturbing the programs they offer the students through their programs.
  • WWGSA maintains communications with home stays and agents, to ensure a smooth transition, with the WWGSA Exclusive 30/60/90 IMPACT program.
  • WWGSA ensures there is local representation for the home stays and schools, for ease of resolving any challenges that may arise, regardless of the location of the agent/parents.