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WWGSA welcomes children, ages 12-18, from around the globe to our short-term, or long-term housing programs, where students find either a temporary home with a loving family over their school breaks, or they enjoy a more permanent placement with a family dedicated to their care throughout their entire school year. The WWGSA advantage means families and students receive not only academic support, but emotional and logistical support as well. Our pilot program, 30/60/909 IMPACT is specifically tailored to help new students and parents adjust to each others’ expectations. We also cooperate with agents and schools to ensure each transition is seamless.


WWGSA Long-term Home Stay Program

Did you know, children accepted to private day middle and high school in the USA must have a home stay in place in order to receive their I-20? WWGSA provides:

  • Prescreened and qualified home stays
  • Exclusive 30/60/90 IMPACT program eases the immersion process into a new culture for both parents and students.
  • Both foreign and domestic agency cooperation
  • WWGSA’s nationwide services apply to any school in the US
  • A full-service Guardianship Program, which includes:
  • Assistance completing school applications
  • Home stay arrangements for your child for the school year (referred to as a Long-term Home Stay)
  • Year-round monitoring of your child and their home stay for the duration of your child’s stay by WWGSA local representatives

WWGSA Short-term Home Stay Program

  • Offers an exciting and diverse opportunity to host students on a short-term basis.
  • Provides the opportunity to enjoy the hosting experience by working with your busy lifestyle or allowing you to just try it out.
  • Short-term experiences offer a student, most often from boarding schools, the opportunity to experience life for the first time in a home environment in the USA.
  • Holiday programs are a fantastic experience for all involved, as this is often the first time a student has experienced an American holiday!

Students join our program for a variety of reasons including:

  • Breaks from boarding schools
  • Holidays
  • Long weekends
  • Sick leave
  • Suspensions/Expulsions
  • Before and after summer camps
  • Before school starts or after school ends

WWGSA offers nationwide guardianship and housing programs in all 50 states and select territories. WWGSA’s housing programs evolve and adapt to the changing needs of each student attending middle school, high school or university, supporting the student throughout his/her academic career. Quality housing services, community involvement and cooperative communication are the ingredients to WWGSA’s successful programs, which also offers competitive compensation to participants.

Parents. if you are ready to provide a home to a student who needs you, please start the application process now.