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Home Stay, Temporary Residence
& Emergency Housing Solutions


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WWGSA Private School Services Provided

Cooperative Efforts:

  • Pre-screened families for convenience and peace of mind
  • Direct contact with local representatives for prompt attention to school needs
  • Organized document procurement for students applying to your school
  • Provide ancillary support services customized to the needs of the school administration
  • Attention to detail and cooperation with student placement in home stays
  • Confidentiality and cooperation with agents/parents to protect the integrity of school program
  • Troubleshoot local challenges to dissolve them promptly
  • Long and short-term housing solutions for challenging situations

WWGSA School Break Program:

  • Transportation to and from school, home stay or local airport
  • Pre-screened homestay families
  • Supportive WWGSA Staff always on call
  • Guaranteed hosting available with pre-paid contract
  • Peace of mind for family, school and agent knowing student is in a home environment
  • Interactive environment with family and friends
  • Home cooked meals with family
  • Furnished accommodations with Wi-Fi
  • Day trips to local attractions
  • Holiday experiences lasting a lifetime
  • Housing with the same host family each occurrence when requested

Emergency & Ancillary Services:

  • Representatives always available to promptly address any emergency or challenging situations that may arise for international or domestic students
  • Home Stay families for students expelled or suspended from school
  • Relocation services for students expelled from school or who have not immersed in current home stay living environment
  • Temporary hosting for students who have been accepted to school but do not have a permanent home stay family identified
  • Cooperate with school administration if there are challenges with other agents that have enrolled students to their school
        Available to assist with home stay procurement if agents are struggling
        Offer a local emergency contact program for agents to cooperate with WWGSA
        Other agents can cooperate with WWGSA for any of their student or home stay needs
  • I-20 preservation for an international student expelled needing school relocation services by cooperating with current school for a specified time period
  • School relocation services including identifying, applying, interviews and placement assistance to expedite the process and remain in compliance with the school’s I-20 preservation terms
  • Domestic student services during school breaks, emergency or challenging situations
  • Speakers available to present to staff, parents, students and agents to validate program
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