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A message from our founder

A message from our founder: WWGSA is pleased to announce the many changes happening as the company continues to grow and expand across the nation. It is now easier than ever to register as a home stay, school in need, an agency requiring services or as a student...

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Families and Students

Children from around the world study in the USA. Often arriving scared, uncertain, longing for acceptance, yet mesmerized by what lies ahead of them and willing to take on the challenges. Youthful aspirations are rapidly transformed into fear of the unknown. However,...

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How long does it take?

How long does it take?   WWGSA has performed extensive research on the immersion process of children when they study in American schools. A new home, lifestyle, culture, education system, language, family and ultimately, an entirely different way of living than...

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Ambassador to International Students

WWGSA is an ambassador to international students' safety and positive emotional health because it can be hard to be away from home. So we are reaching out to you to ask if you have room at your dining room table this season. If you are interested in hosting, can you...

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When The Suns Align

In August 2007, our family of three sat eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new “daughters.” After 14 years, our own daughter was going to have not one, but TWO sisters! Of course, our nerves were bouncing off the charts, but we were as ready as possible! At that...

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Rocks Of The Future

When my wife, Sharon started on her mission to help children, I supported her wholeheartedly. She’s always had a way with children and I saw this as yet another opportunity to share her patience and love with another child. Eight years later, she has blessed our home...

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Company Mission

We're replanting the seeds. Students studying away from home have been a part of this country for hundreds of years. Educator John P. McLeod makes a stunning statement that sums up the grass roots of the WWGSA Housing philosophy: “The first academy to enroll students...

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Halloween Tales

Halloween Tales: The school year had begun with fun and excitement, new experiences, home sick feelings and apprehension of the unknown…from both us and the girls! But, as par for the course, life and time goes on and everything started settling into place. The girls...

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