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WWGSA offers student housing support programs year-round. Participating families open their homes to the students during holidays and school breaks as well as over the summer for before/after camp housing needs. Whether you are the parents of a student, a school or an agency, WWGSA Short-term Housing Program’s impeccable attention to detail is designed to match your specific needs and requirements:

  •  Local Guardianship services for parent, school and agency’s peace-of-mind
  •  Prompt attention to student’s needs
  •  Cooperation with agents, schools and parents throughout the USA
  •  Domestic and foreign placements accepted

Agencies rely upon WWGSA to provide prompt, last minute, safe and pre-screened housing for a number of situations including but not limited to:

  •  Agency greater than 100 miles from the vicinity of the school, out-of-state, or country
  •  Short-term solutions for vacations, holidays and long weekends
  •  Trusted care and support ensures student safety while off-campus
  •  Emergency pick up within 4 hours of call to WWGSA
  •  Support services locally for discipline challenges or in-school meetings
  •  Student’s flight does not coordinate with the beginning or ending of school year
  •  Summer camps begin or end and a student is not able to reside on campus
  •  Transitional services if a student needs to be relocated off-campus

Boarding Schools cooperate with WWGSA for off-campus housing needs when the campus is closed for long weekends, holidays and the summer. The cooperation ensures peace-of-mind for the staff, agencies and families when students are not able to reside on their boarding campuses.

  • Pre-screened families for convenience and peace-of-mind placements
  • Direct contact with local representatives for prompt help with placements
  • Cooperation with student coordinators to expedite seasonal off-campus placements
  • Emergency placements from 1 day up to 3 weeks. (Generally within hours of call).
  • Sharing the joys of the holidays with students, often for the first time
  • Outings and family activities such as movie night, bowling, family gatherings for holidays and birthdays
  • Interaction with other children and adults further enhances the “away from home” experience
  • Lasting bonds with families in off-campus settings

Parents who have placed their children in schools without local support contact WWGSA for services such as:

  •  Long weekend breaks from school, requiring off-campus housing options
  •  They are unfamiliar with where their child wishes to spend their vacation (i.e. not comfortable signing a permission slip for their child to stay with a “friend” in a big city like New York)
  •  Their child needs a host relocation, but has no local representation to assist them
  •  Local mediation services for the family if their child faces academic or disciplinary challenges in school
  •  Their child faces unforeseen illness and must leave campus, but may return when healed (e.g. flu, broken bones, psychological evaluations not requiring hospitalization, but which require off-campus living until resolved.