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WWGSA Understands the process of finding reliable and secure housing can be a challenge for foreign and domestic students. The mission of WWGSA staff is to identify, validate and secure housing for the needs of students who are studying away from their homes. Contact WWGSA to learn more about the housing options available throughout the United States and enjoy your “home away from home” experience.

High School Student’s Homes Include:

  • Caring and supportive home environment
  • Background checks performed on adults in home
  • Interactive communication within home
  • Participation with members of family as one of their own
  • Variety of food and meals together
  • Support of extracurricular activities
  • Involvement with household activities
  • Local support from WWGSA Staff
  • Support of independent learning and thinking skills
  • Homes are usually close to the school, public or school bus transportation, or in rare cases the family will transport to and from school if necessary

University, College, Intern, Post Graduate and Tourist Homes Include:

  • Interactive and friendly environment
  • Continental breakfast
  • Dinners within the home if you are present for the meal
  • Generally homes are convenient to public transportation if you don’t have your own vehicle
  • All utilities and Internet included

For more detailed information, please fill out the form below, select the services you require and submit. Your request will be processed and information will be sent electronically.