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University Student Accommodations

Benefits of Cooperation:

As an agent, your initial goal is to help students gain acceptance to the university programs of their choice. But why does your assistance need to stop there? WWGSA University Agent Cooperation Program empowers your agency to have the tools to help the students from beginning to end. Since 2007, WWGSA has been working with agents to develop a diversified program that will address these very challenges while offering local support services as an extension of their services.

Programs of Study

  • ESL
  • Internships
  • Under Graduate – 2nd 3rd 4th year
  • Post Graduate
  • Medical School
  • MBA

Services Offered

  • Individual Home Stay Service
  • 2 week to 4 year home stay needs
  • Group tours visiting university
  • Fulbright Scholarship housing
  • Spring Break & Holiday Housing
  • Emergency Housing

WWGSA Local Support

  • Local assistance with follow up and application process for your students
  • Continuation of support for your students after accepted to university program
  • Local representatives develop personal relationships with university program staff
  • Your students have a local voice in the community if they need explanations or assistance
  • Local representatives help student understand the societal expectations and help them adapt
  • Local voice to help student resolve challenges they may face in home stay or university program
  • Instant access to WWGSA Home Stay Network options for your students
  • Discounts for your agency if you join the WWGSA Home Stay Network
  • Additional revenue stream for your agency


The following application is for University Agencies who wish to sign up their individual student to the WWGSA University Home Stay Program. If you would like to sign up for the WWGSA Network please “Receive Information Packet” and request information. If you are already a member, please contact your representative at 1-888-472-1918 or email UniversityAgencySupport@wwgsa.com.
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